Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Progress

Being an artist is so not easy ( unlike what most of our society thinks).
Everyone expects us to produce something "New", " different", "creative" and what not.
Well guess what . Stepping out of the box isn't so easy. Everything has been done to death i swear.
So well , getting to the point, we have this new project assigned to us and i ve been brainstorming for days and i swear, its NOT an artist's block im going through. ITS A FUCKING BRAINFREEZE!! And not the one where u have something freezing and it hurts right in the head. This is so much worse than that. One side of my brain is in a war of ideas with indecisiveness being the cherry on top. And the other side, well, Zzzzzz.
A couple days back, we decided that we ll make something on the outer walls of our college. A few weeks back I did a similar project,i wrote a few verses on the outer wall of my college, and i called that a drawing. But guess what . SOMEONE PAINTED OVER MY DRAWING. So well we dropped the idea of drawing on the walls, instead, Maggy suggested that we paint on the road infront of our college. Genius i tell you!! I totally loved the idea. So what we ve decided so far is that we ll paint on the road outside the gate, make it look as if paint is flowing out of the gates onto the roads. I hope it works out fine, because we ll have to come at night when there is no traffic on the roads and give maggy's idea a physical existance.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Because nothing is in Black and white

Political turmoil? is this What it looks like?

Photography taken by Rabia Ayub Bhatti ( Moi )


Our National Language? i think NOT.
How come we all team up and unite when its a cricket match, yet we make fun of those same brilliant players if they dunno how to speak proper English?
How come no one acknowledges a person's command over the Urdu language anymore, but instead makes fun of that particular person?
I think Urdu is a very beautiful and vast language, and if a person chooses not to speak in English does not mean that THEY DONT KNOW ANGREZI , but maybe because they just want to talk to you in Urdu.
I hate the fact that people in our society judge others by their style of talking, Accent, and the fact whether they speak English or not. I have a message for such people:
SHUT THE **** UP! YOU MAKE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN EVERY PHRASE THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. There's a difference in KNOWING a language and SPEAKING a language. And You my friend, dunno know either of that. I'm not saying i know, but atleast i dont pretend to know either. And i certainly don't make up fake accents just so i could "fit in".
And please, You should be honored that you know URDU and you should take pride in speaking in our National language because , no language in the world has so many Phonics and most of the people from around the globe cannot pronounce all the sounds that OUR language has.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chonk Lait Stand ©

-noun. "Chonk lait" is an Urdu word, derived from the English language's famous "chocolate". Chonk Lait Stand is soon-to-be, a top notch Cakery in Lahore ( which hasnt started business yet though ), but oh well, we're being optimistic.

CHONK LAIT. A bilingual word my friend's sister came up with last night while we were stoned on hunger and sleep after hours of slaving ourselves making cupcakes. Chonk and lait are two separate VERY lame words of urdu , but thats how our locals pronounce Chocolate.
So Any way , i had been underestimating the talented bakers who have started popping up everywhere in Pakistan, and the number of people coming into this business has increased a lot in the last year. Before yesterday when i actually started making decorative icing for cupcakes with Maha, i never realised how much energy, focus and creativity was required in making cupcakes. Even though i did squat. but oh well. they turned out pretty cute. oh i know. i ll attach a picture for u guys to see if we did Okay making cupcakes?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

And we call ourselves Pakistani ..

Its weird how our little complexes can actually create a certain image of us for people and we are totally unaware of it.
Just the other day , in a random conversation between friends, i heard a story i would like to share with you guys..
'A foreigner, after visiting Pakistan, returns to his country. A friend of his asks him about his experience in the country, " So, how'd u like Pakistan?"
The foreigner replies: "Its a beautiful place. Everyone should visit it when given a chance".
"and the Pakistani's?" asks the friend.
"What Pakistani's?" says the foreigner.
The friend shocked, says: "didnt u meet any people when you were there?"
and the foreigner replies: " Of,course i did.. there were Balochis, Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedis..but i didnt meet a single Pakistani."

Even though i heard it this story a few days back, i cant get it out of my head..
is it really true?
are we THAT seperated by provincial, religious and social boundaries?
if we think about it..we ARE.. Heck, we're even seperated by cities.. Lahoris think they're better than everyone, Islamabadis think they're too classy for others, Karachites have their superiority complexes.. Everyone, everywhere thinks they're "COOLER" than the others, when the truth is we're NOT ! We're intolerant of each other and we lack unity is what it is. Tolerence and Unity is whats going to make us Pakistanis.And that makes we wonder whether we can EVER actually BE Pakistanis..

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Courtesy: Photograph taken by belal khan.